it takes two

Did you know there are over 50 registered
contraceptive options available in Australia? WOW!

We’re so happy to see you here! We understand you’ve come here looking for information about… contraception!
Within the walls of this website you’ll find out about the different types of contraceptive options available in Australia, discover the science behind the menstrual cycle and learn how to spot the fake news when it comes to your downstairs area! Most importantly we have some handy tips for you to get the most out of conversations with your GP when it comes to finding the right contraceptive option for you. After all, it takes two to get the best out of life!

Let’s go!

Which contraceptive are you?


and find out what contraceptive best suits you and your needs!

Your contraceptive options in Australia are:

Blame it on the hormones

They cop the blame for so much, poor things. But which ones are important in modern
contraceptives? What do they do and how do you know what is right for you?


Spot the fake news!

Can you spot fake news? What about if it relates to your body?
After all, we are each an expert in our own skin. Arm yourself with the facts here.


It takes two…

To do the horizontal folkdance. It also takes two to have a conversation about contraception. Find out more about
talking to your GP about your contraceptive needs, and tips for how you can help them see your point of view here.


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